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$190 oz AAAA / Quad Special – Mississauga | GTA – 10+ choices


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    Today (Oct 20, 2020) we have the following choices: You can choose any of our Quad bud that are regularly priced at $240 or less. Blue Gelato (Hybrid), Big Bubba Diesel (Indica), Bruce Banner (Sativa), Biscotti (Hybrid), Blackberry (Indica), Blue God (Indica), Blue Diamond (Indica), Bubba (Indica), Cali Bubba (Hybrid-Indica), Cookies and Cream (Hybrid), Chem Dosi (Hybrid), Death Bubba (Indica) Dos-Si-Do (Hybrid), Girl Scout Cookies (Indica), Grand Daddy Purps (Indica), Golden Apple (Indica Hybrid), Gucci ( Hybrid-Indica), Hawaiian Lime (Sativa), King Tut (Sativa), Ice Wreck (Hybrid), Island Pink (Indica), LA Cake (Hybrid), LA Confidential (Indica), Pink Death Bubba (Indica), Pink Kush (Indica), Platinum Widow (Indica), Purple God (Hybrid), Recon (Hybrid Indica), Rockstar (Hybrid), Six Shooter (Hybrid), Space Cookies (Hybrid), Star Fighter (Indica Hybrid), Star Dawg (Sativa Hybrid), Super Glue (Hybrid), Shogun (Indica), Watermelon Zkittles (Indica), White Walker (Hybrid), Woolly Mammoth (hybrid), XXX (Indica) are available for our 1 OZ of premium Quad bud (AAAA) for only $190 —— or you can pick any Quad bud in our $250 price point for $5 more per 1/4.Choices: Hulkberry, Royal Gorilla, Sherbinski and a few others——– -or you can get our $275 an oz Super Quads (AAAAA) for $225 per ounce —- You can split the Oz into Quarters and get up to 4 different Strains!—–Call or preferably text to place your order. ———- Mr. Feelgood guarantee ” If you are not happy with our product, we will exchange it or give you back your money”…………………. For Mississauga and GTA Call or Text 416-558-6765. * Delivery discounts do not apply to specials since you are already saving $50. There is usually a $15 delivery fee. Cheers.





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