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1 Oz (AAAAA) KW/Cambridge Super Quad Special! $225 when u pick up to 4 quarters


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    (Updated sept. 29 🙂 Save $$$ on our superquads by choosing up to 4 quarters! Available strains include: Black Nuken (Ind 28% THC),Headband (Ind Hyb 27%),Bubba Chunk (Hyb 22%),Khalifa Ind 29%), Black Diamond (Ind 29%), El Chapo (Ind Hyb 23%) Purple Hulk,(Sat.27%), Ice Cream Gelato (Hy., Ind.25%), Purple Gorilla(Hy.,Ind., 21% THC), Pink Gas(90% Ind., 22% THC), Pink Ice(50% Hy., 20% THC) and Gorilla Kush(70% Ind.,22% THC—————————— Most people say this is the best bud they have ever seen or tried!! But feel free to upgrade to our >300/oz primo strains for + $10 to $15 per quarter – a great way to save! Options and upcharges explained: If you want to choose a 1/4 from any $300/oz or higher strain not listed here, it is +15 per quarter. Delivery Discount promo does not apply to specials, only regular price items, you’re saving $50 or more on this sampler deal so it is definitely your best savings! Text your order with your name and address to us today! 519 242 8420….. Feelgood!


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