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Caramel Candy – 5 packs/10 caramels – 100mg THC total or 10mg each – $3 each when you buy 50 packs


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Try these great tasting caramels with 10mg of THC in each caramel and they come  2 per pack / 20mg per package.  5 packets for only $20. So your only paying $4 each pack or $2 per caramel…..  Carefull, they are strong. Try only 2 singles or 1 pack for the first time.    You can also buy them each for $5 (package of 2 caramels)  Bulk special – $3 each when you buy 50. $2.50 each when you buy 100 packs. Warning, like most people you might just like these a little too much.