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Vape Cartridge – Sovrin Extracts

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Sovrin Extracts Refill Cartridges – Clearstick V2

Introducing Sovrin Extracts refill cartridges! The major issue with vaporizer pens right now is that they were designed for eJuice liquids and not for thick products like distillates so companies have to dilute their product down with fillers so it will work with their pen. Sovrin Extracts spent months of research working with a top vaporizer supplier to create The Clearstick v2 which was designed specifically for distillates. This means that not only do our parts work better, but our product is more pure (90%+ THC), and that combination provides our customers with an unrivalled vaping experience.

Each cartridge contains 0.8g of THC Distillate.

Sovrin Extracts

Sovrin Extracts is more than just an extraction company. We’re a lifestyle brand that was forged through a passion for the healing properties of cannabis. Striving to create the most potent, cleanest and enjoyable cannabis products on earth. We use only the best parts and starting materials. With decades of experience growing medicinal cannabis, we ensure that every run meets our production standards. We strive to make sure that every puff you take tastes and feels like quality.

Simply, we strive to provide the best products to the cannabis community because we are the cannabis community, and we hope you love our products as much as we do. Overall, we’re very happy to carry Sovrin Extracts refill cartridges on our vaping menu!

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